its gettin PREHISTORIC in here!

little miss chloe had a 2nd grade project this weekend...
construct a DINOSAUR out of household objects...
easy enough... right???
maybe for some.. but i was sweatin it..
wondering how we were gonna throw this thing together
and make it turn out decent...
i mean.. scrapbooking/stamping.. yes i can do that...easy peasy...
but a creative dinosaur out of nothing... hmm..
more of a challenge for me...
thank goodness for DADDY. (who made an awesome head!)
and KYLE (who did the legs).
with their help..
i think this TRICERATOPS
turned out pretty sweet!
(and its a GIRLY one if you couldn't tell.. )
have a great TUESDAY!


Spanky's Turn...

Next FRIEND layout...
and its all about
Once again... the list of things
I love about this girl could go on all day...
she is SO much FUN.
When we are together
there is bound to be a lot of laughing...
acting silly... joking around &
The quote reads...
'What is a friend?
I will tell you.
It is someone with whom you dare to be yourself.'
-Frank Crane
This quote is perfect for describing our friendship.
We know each other so well,
we can pretty much say and do anything and know
that we are always gonna be
It's the BEST.


Here's To My FRIENDS.

today i was working on a scrapbook layout..
i got it all put together
and didn't really like the results,
so i ripped it apart and started over.
the theme of the layout was based
around one of my friends..
and the things that i love about her...
of course i started thinking about all my
and how thankful i am for each and every one.
and how i appreciate all their differences
and the ways in which they each bring
something meaningful and special into my life.
i decided i should make a scrapbook and
dedicate one page to each person that i call a
my plan is to share them as i get them done..
but there will be no time limit..
it could be fairly random as to when
the next one will pop up.
here goes... numero uno.. in PINK is all about
the quote reads..
and this is SO true about Angela and I..
when I started listing the things I love about her..
(and i was going to keep it to 10 things..)
it went on and on way beyond 10... :)
THANKS Ang for your friendship. I love you girl!!

'a' stamp from sassy alphabet by Unity Stamp Co.

Tag pulls out from behind photos with journaling.


Precious Memories

Here is a little 8X8 layout I did
in my hour and a half at home
between work and work
so my dear friend will have it for her deadline... whew.
i used a stamp from the 'vintage swirl' kit
by unity stamp company.



Here's the first thing
that came to mind this morning
when I decided to get
crafty in the scrapbook room...
so I whipped up this lil card..

Any time I can use the words
'WILD' and 'GROOVY'...
especially together..
i'm a happy camper!

Unity Stamp Co. background stamp

'Worn Music' & 'Love is Toxic' set used for this.

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Tons of options with 'Amazing Me'

.. the winner will be one lucky ducky!


WeEkeNd RaNdoMs...

GoOd ConVeRsaTioNs.
GrEaT foOd.
Here are some pics from Ben & Nikki's wedding on Sat. nite.. Will add more when I get them.. need a good pic of the bride & groom.. Maybe someone will email me one!!!

Hubby Pie and I...

The Usherettes.. Rikki & Eryn SO CUTE!

Ellie Belly. She is the most adorable preggo woman ever!Ash. who makes me laugh constantly. love this girl!Two Up on the Tea.. Kyle and I The Boyfriends and the Groom.. Kyle, Nate, Ben & Andy
Lynnie. Sweetest girl I know. Party Girls!! Gina, Lynnie, Laura, Amanda, Me, Ash, Kari Andy...Best Friend & Super Hottie (in the shirt I gave him!) Favorite 17 year old nephew... Devon


Auntie's Here!

Here are a couple quick pics from today when Holly arrived..
the boys were too busy to partake in a photo shoot..
so its just the girls...
Can't wait to get together with the whole family tomorrow nite!

Also.. a simple thank you card that I made..

Unity Stamp Co. 'Circle Frenzy' background stamp.

HAVE A FAB FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!


Countdown.. almost complete..

who's been crossin off the days??
we have been..
guess who's coming??
AUNTIE HOLLY.. arriving from NC. THURSDAY!!!!
YAY... baby sis AKA auntie AKA dumper AKA hip hop
will be here hangin out with us.
we are so egggggcited to see her!
So in honor of her visit..
we have a classic scrapbook layout of
holly and chloe, her god-daughter.
We also must kick it to some Beastie Boys tunes
just for her.



Here for your viewing pleasure
is a scrapbook layout featuring
my sister, her hubby and their puggy pugs..
Oddis & Maggie.
Quote reads.. ' A man's soul can be judged
by how he treats his dog'. - Charles Doran..
And believe me, these pups are treated well...
they've definitely got the good life!!!
Unity Stamp Company 'Sassy Alphabet' used for the title.
Go check out their website
for a chance to win some stamps of your own!
Have a fabulous Tuesday!!

ChOcoLaTe CoVeReD MoNdAy

what do you get
when you leave
a 2 year old
and a bowl of
chocolate ice cream
alone together??

THIS!! Hilarious!
I love this kid.
she is too funny!

It looks like the weather may be shaping up.. the sun is shining.. and it is supposed to start warming up (its still only 28 right now.. brrrr)

Looking forward to my baby sis coming home this weekend! Can't wait to hang out with the whole family. And we have Ben & Nikki's wedding. Its gonna be awesome. Party Time count down begins TODAY!

Here are a couple cards I did last night.
Using stamps from Unity's Hoppy Easter set.
This is an adorable little set.

Speaking of stamps...
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what do you get when you have
TOO much FUN on saturday nite??
yep thats right.. SLEEPY SUNDAY!
since i have a headache and no ambition...
its all bon jovi and a few snapshots...


Here is the resulting chaos of my creativity.
This is how I really scrapbook. In the middle of a mess.
I make a gigantic disaster when I get an idea that can't wait...
then I clean it all up.. put it all away...sort and organize...then..
usually another idea hits and the process begins again!! :)



ok this is getting ridiculous!! I need some spring. sun. summer?? please??
all we have here is freezing cold and SNOW. its only 29 dang degrees here today!!!! thats just wrong! I know I am a misplaced soul. I belong on the beach. ANY beach. Anywhere its 70 or above. :)

Next topic. I will have to hit the mall today
to find something to wear for my friend Nikki's shower/bachelorette party tonite..
It's a black and white theme.. and the adorable little polka dot halter top
is just not gonna work at this point..
I think I need a sweater.
or a turtle neck. and a scarf. and a jacket.

Next topic. Do you want a FREE SUPER COOL STAMP SET??
I know you do!
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I made myself feel better by scrapping

pictures of my kids at the beach. Enjoy!!!

Little flip flop book from Target dollar spot.

Beach Day stamp set from Unity Stamp Co.
Quote- 'the voice of the sea speaks to the soul..' Kate Chopin

Quote- 'play me a beach and run me a shore; shovel me sandcastles; splash me some more; here little shells come fill up my hand. i'll hold you so gentle while we play in the sand.' -unknown Quote- 'live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air..' - ralph waldo emerson

Quote- 'nothing is planned by the sea and the sand' -pete townshend- the who


Hope where you are its SUNNY and warm.