rainy monday..what a day!

Apology Alert!!
I'm so sorry that I did not get this post up this morning.
I recently took on new responsibilities at work..
feeling overwhelmed and discouraged as I am completely
inexperienced with the programs I need to use..
anyone that knows me..
knows that I like to be GOOD at the things I do..
it will come. eventually. ugh!
soo... I didn't have a minute to spare today.. and had planned
to do my blog post at lunch.. then ended up not taking a lunch..
so here I am at 5:30 posting away!!
Today the Monday Chicks decided to go with a kids birthday card theme.
I'm sure you've already checked out my girls..
but if you haven't.. swing by their blogs and leave them some love!

Here is my take on the challenge... bright and sunny..

a complete contrast to the weather here today!
thanks for stopping by!


Lindsay Spencer said...

Great card. I love those 2 colors together.
I'm sure you'll have your new responsibilities mastered in a snap! If you can raise 4 kids and still keep it as together as you do, you can do ANYTHING!

Karen said...

Super fun card for Sofia!! And congrats on your 'promotion'!!! You are really 'growing with Unity'!!

Christi Snow said...

awww, sweetie...you will get it. Just don't be too hard on yourself.

This card is gorgeous! I love your handwriting inside...so beautiful. Sofia is almost a full year older than Kat who turns 2 on May 15th. I adore these two colors together!! smiles...

Renee' Dezember said...

Sometimes learning new things takes some time...you'll get the hang of it soon :)
Super cute card!!! tfs

Amy said...

You'll be fine! Just take a deep breath!! Love all that pink and orange super cute!!