just another day...

here on the homefront.
its still gloomy and raining off and on..
boooo!! i want sun!!
we are planning a bonfire for tonight...
hopefully the weather cooperates!
what are YOU doing for the weekend??

a little bit o sunshine for the day...
put together this layout for
shannan's inspirational challenge
over on splitcoast... check it out HERE.

my precious boys.. sanibel island..
some of my most favorite photos..
a great quote... fun stamps..
it all fell together just great!
Quote reads:
Play me a beach and Run me a shore,
Shovel me sandcastles, Splash me some more,
Here little shells, Come fill up my hand,
I'll hold you so gentle While we play in the sand.
Stamps- Beach Day & Around the Dot by Unity Stamp Co.



its a beautiful day... in a way...

no work today!
everything outside is green!
i'm going to a garage sale!
i get to play on the computer and scrap all day!
the only bummer is that its RAINING.
poor Chloe has an outdoor field trip today. dang rain!
Here is a layout that i made yesterday.
Brody when he was just a little
2 year old curly haired boy.
Stamps are from Beautiful Day by Unity Stamp Co.


Birthday MADNESS

Will the BIRTHDAYS ever end??
Nope I don't think so!!
wooo hoo. I'm so freakin tired. Seriously. :)
This party chick needs a DAY OFF.
But first... the low down on the family BBQ
that was here yesterday!
Good food. Good conversations. Everyone here.
Lots of pics of the grandkids. A new baby on the way.
Bikes for the girls. Presents & playing. Cousins together.
Laughter and Fun. Great day spent with FAMILY.

Trever and his chocolate cake.

He was just more than happy to pose for a photo. NOT!

Miss 4 year old Hailie Mae with her Chocolate PONY cake!

Miss 2 year old Sofia Camille with her WATERMELON cake!

Sofia on her new Radio Flyer trike

that grandpa & grandma gave her. Its so dang cute!!


And so it begins...

this MAGICAL time we call SUMMER!
the official start is Memorial Day weekend..
and it has been a GREAT weekend so far...
Sat. night was the big 3 WAY BIRTHDAY BASH
for Trever, Susan & Ashley.
It was super fun...
ALL our friends were out on the town to party with us.
Everyone had a BLAST..
enjoyed some cocktails, conversation and dancing...
and stayed out way too late..
(or is it early if its 3:30 in the morning?)
anyways.. we had about a million fun photos..
here are just a FEW. and don't even show ALL
the fab friends that came out to join us!

Yesterday we spent the day at Green Lake
with our family for more birthday celebrating.. grilling out..
visiting with relatives and RELAXING.
I forgot my camera (DANG IT!!!) so I have to get
pics from Nate & Jessi... and will post them when I do.

Today we are entertaining Trever's immediate family
(all 30 of us!) with a BBQ at our house.
Should be a great time with all the grandkids here..
there are 11 total (soon to be 13)
9 of which are 8 years and under! :)
If this is the beginning of how our summer will continue..
it is going to be AMAZING. GOOD TIMES!



BIG Memorial Weekend planned here with the Lien family...
starting TODAY!
I'm heading out garage saling with Susan this morning..
AREA WIDE SALES.. hopefully we will score some DEALS.

Later tonight...
Its the grown ups turn to celebrate BIRTHDAYS!
We are planning on THREE TIMES the FUN...
not only will we be partyin it up for TREVER (who turned 35 on Wed.),
but also ASHLEY (who's bday was on Wed. too)
and SUSAN (who's bday is on the 28th)!!!!
Can't wait to get together with ALL
our friends and whooop it up!!!

Here is a pic from yesterday
(and one from what feels like yesterday!)
when MISS SOFIA had a
birthday and turned 2! Already.
It's amazing how fast the time goes.
There will be plenty more birthday pictures
as we will be celebrating her birthday ALL weekend long
with party after party after party! :)



Last Day..

Today is my last day of school,
and my little kids last day of daycare...
and we are OFF for the SUMMER! yay!
This year just FLEW right by...
our summer days are precious and few
here in good old MN..
so I'm hoping to make the
most of each and every one..
RELAXING and having FUN!

Here is a little gift I put together
for Brody & Sofia's daycare provider.
I rolled up a beach towel
with some magazines & sunscreen,
tied with some ribbon,
and added a little card,
thanking her for taking good
care of them this year and
telling her to take time for herself to
RELAX at the beach this summer!
Stamps are from Beach Day kit
by Unity Stamp Co.



Totally RANDOM and all over the place today..
no set plan for the day.. just goin with the flow..
must be feeling CREATIVE.
thats just what happens to me when an idea hits..
then I think of something else..
then it triggers another thing and so on and so on.... :)
Here are three things that came to mind today....

#1. Must get crafty and play with new stamps.. therefore...
Layout #1 of the day.. hopefully there will be MORE....

Flower stamp is from 'Best Friends' kit by Unity Stamp Company

Quote says ' whenever i see your smiling face, i have to stop and smile to myself because i love you!'

#2. These songs.. in my HEAD this morning.
DEDICATED to the other 2/3 of our family TRIO..
gotta love me some pulp fiction tunes in the morning!

#3. When I saw this kid. in her striped pajamas.
with that messy hair. and knew that it was windy out.
i may be biased.. but I think she is just about
the most photogenic kid EVER.
i can't possibly take enough pics of her
and I know that I will NEVER regret any of them...
so here is SOFIA CAMILLE in all her 'just woke up' glory!


Sunny Hours...

no SUN today. pretty gloomy..
one little ray of sunshine...
i get to watch sweet baby heidi today & tomorrow

yesterday... i spent some SUNNY HOURS

in my little bitty garden

and around my yard... sprucing things up..

i just LOVE spring. Glad its finally here!

Put this bright sunny layout together this weekend..
of Mr. Adorable.. Brody... last summer at Green Lake
Quote says.. 'you are a fish swimming in an ocean of god.'
Stamps by Unity Stamp Co. Beach Day & Daisy Days