WeEkEnD UpDaTe

wow. where to start...
its been a CRAZY few days...
I HAD to pick 'Holiday Road' from
National Lampoon's Family Vacation
for my theme music today.
Our household has been very similar to the GRISWALD's lately.. LOL

so for 3 days I get to be a mother of 8!
EIGHT. eight. yes I said 8! 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.
Our neighbors who also happen to be great friends
& Sofia's Godparents, needed a weekend away..
and I got to keep their 4 fun kids..
so plus my own bunch.. we are up to 8!
and they have been delightful..
I will say that a family of 10 generates
A LOT of dishes and dirty clothes and boy can they EAT.

Friday night I went out for dinner at Melvins with my 'second set of parents' for Steve's birthday. Hanging out with them is always the BEST and we laugh the whole time.

Susan came and met up with me and we were off

to the Unity Stamp Co. Party.
It was fun to get together with everyone associated with Unity

to celebrate the launch of such a fab new company..

and of course relax with some of my best friends.

They threw a great little shin-dig...

Is my favorite MOM's BIRTHDAY!! Happy Birthday Square!!
We all chipped in and bought her a new bike.
She picked it out and is now itchin to get out there and ride!
If only our crappy MN weather would cooperate!

This morning I helped my kid's favorite babysitter/one of my little 'sisters'
get ready for her prom.
That was super fun.. considering I used to babysit
for Karen and her brothers from the time she was a baby..
and she now watches my kids.
I can't believe she is a senior already.
She is such a gorgeous girl.. both inside and out.

I also met up with the Lien clan

to take pictures of the most adorable nephew ever.. Devon,
and his sweet girlfriend Emily as they headed off to prom.
They are just way too cute together.
I'm sure they are gonna have such a BLAST tonight!

Oh yeah... last thing... just to prove that we are so the Griswald's..
I spilled bacon grease on my stove top the other day and cleaned it all up.
Apparently I didn't clean it all up and there was some in the burner..
so when I started boiling water for mac & cheese today..
right there on top of the stove. and here is the worst part..
I was torn whether to go for the camera first to get a picture of it
or the salt first to put it out.
Yeah. I went the responsible route vs the crazed scrapbooker route.
Hence, no photo of the fire.

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