Favorite Day of the Week...

Today is my FAVORITE day of the week.
I know its not the norm.. most people hate Mondays....
but not ME! I love them!
I have the day off.. only 2 kids..
and I get to do whatever I want all day long!
I'm working on some new scrapbook stuff.. playing with stamps from Unity..
I will share those projects as I get them completed & photographed. Stay tuned..
In the meantime... here is a recap of our Sunday...

Yesterday Chloe got to cash in on her hard earned prize...
she worked all winter in the barn helping her Dad
with chores and earned herself
so we loaded up the family truckster
and headed to WALMART to pick it out..

we stopped off first at the Green Mill for their awesome buffet...
(not only do they have breakfast food... but real dinner food..
and pizza... and a bunch of desserts)
I was in heaven with my wacky combo of
scrambled eggs, turkey, desert fire pasta,
garlic mashed potatoes, pop-overs and cheese cake.
Anyone who knows me.. knows how much
I love FOOD and EATING. yummy!!!

Anyways.. back to the bike...
So we introduced Trever to SuperWalmart..
Seriously the man needs to get out more..
he had never been there yet.
Chloe found the bike of her dreams and we headed home.

Yesterday was also the first official BIKINI day of the season.
The temps were in the 70s
so we all put on our swimsuits and
enjoyed the sunshine.
The kids had a water balloon fight and
sprayed everything in sight with the hose.

We were a bunch of happy campers!


Karen said...

What a great family day!!!

A new bike! AND it has TASSELS!! It has summer time written all over it. What a good worker Chloe is. What is she saving for next?

Susan said...

Look at little Miss Fancy Pants Chloe on her sporty bike - pretty cool! Hilarious about T not being at Walmart yet!! He DOES need to get out more! P.S. I like the new green too. I thought I was on the wrong blog!

Brooke said...

according to chloe, she is saving up for an Ipod or a pony. :)

and yes, i quite like the green blog as well.. you know me.. i get bored easily so i need something new and fun.