Totally RANDOM and all over the place today..
no set plan for the day.. just goin with the flow..
must be feeling CREATIVE.
thats just what happens to me when an idea hits..
then I think of something else..
then it triggers another thing and so on and so on.... :)
Here are three things that came to mind today....

#1. Must get crafty and play with new stamps.. therefore...
Layout #1 of the day.. hopefully there will be MORE....

Flower stamp is from 'Best Friends' kit by Unity Stamp Company

Quote says ' whenever i see your smiling face, i have to stop and smile to myself because i love you!'

#2. These songs.. in my HEAD this morning.
DEDICATED to the other 2/3 of our family TRIO..
gotta love me some pulp fiction tunes in the morning!

#3. When I saw this kid. in her striped pajamas.
with that messy hair. and knew that it was windy out.
i may be biased.. but I think she is just about
the most photogenic kid EVER.
i can't possibly take enough pics of her
and I know that I will NEVER regret any of them...
so here is SOFIA CAMILLE in all her 'just woke up' glory!


Karen said...

You went blue!!!! I hope that doesn't mean anything!!
Great LO and pictures.

Brooke said...

thanks, karen!
doesn't mean a thing.. except i get bored easily... so i have to switch it up every now and then. :)

Christi Snow said...

She is a little cutie-pie, but how can she not be when her momma is so gorgeous! I LOVE that layout!!! I have debated and debated ordering that set...now I can't remember if I added it to my last order or not. I think that I am going to have to get it though! smiles...

Brooke said...

Awww.. thank you Christi! you are so sweet. :)

I just got this kit and I LOVE IT. I haven't even played with all the stamps yet.. but I think they are so cute.