And so it begins...

this MAGICAL time we call SUMMER!
the official start is Memorial Day weekend..
and it has been a GREAT weekend so far...
Sat. night was the big 3 WAY BIRTHDAY BASH
for Trever, Susan & Ashley.
It was super fun...
ALL our friends were out on the town to party with us.
Everyone had a BLAST..
enjoyed some cocktails, conversation and dancing...
and stayed out way too late..
(or is it early if its 3:30 in the morning?)
anyways.. we had about a million fun photos..
here are just a FEW. and don't even show ALL
the fab friends that came out to join us!

Yesterday we spent the day at Green Lake
with our family for more birthday celebrating.. grilling out..
visiting with relatives and RELAXING.
I forgot my camera (DANG IT!!!) so I have to get
pics from Nate & Jessi... and will post them when I do.

Today we are entertaining Trever's immediate family
(all 30 of us!) with a BBQ at our house.
Should be a great time with all the grandkids here..
there are 11 total (soon to be 13)
9 of which are 8 years and under! :)
If this is the beginning of how our summer will continue..
it is going to be AMAZING. GOOD TIMES!


Susan said...

Yeah us!! :) It was so much fun ... too bad we can't celebrate our birthday whenever we want ... but we can celebrate life so I'm looking forward to a smashing good summer!!

Karen said...

How come in all these pictures I only see one wig. That's hardly a party.

Brooke said...

i know kare bear. they just aren't as into mearle norman as us. i mean.. i wore MY wig hoping that everyone else would.. but i guess not.. at least i can look forward to the cabin this summer with you and hip hop for some real wiggy fun.

Linsey said...

how much fun was this!!! You guya are all totally gorgeous--I love that! Boy, beautiful people make for great scrapbook pages, hehe! TFS pics of your super fun holiday weekend bash!