2 little boys.. 2 mullet wigs..
and WIG FEST 08 WAS BORN!!!!!!!!!!
traveled from MILES AROUND to attend the festivities
and show off their WIGLICIOUSNESS.
Only the WIGGIEST of WIG wearers were allowed to
join in the WIGORAMA.........

Caydog and Brodman...
Wigged out bros... and originators of

Rick Lemon.. definitely WIGLICIOUS!

Fun Jessi & Dumper..

Wigs + Cocktails + Ladderball = A WIGGY GOOD TIME!

Caydog... coolest 7 year old mullet ever!!


Nothing better than a blond mullet and a 5 Oclock shadow!

Kare Bear arrives looking WIGTASTIC!!

Blondie and Miss Mullet

Wiggin out!!

What a Mul-licious stud muffin! Sorry ladies.. this one is TAKEN!!

Quattro Wiggos..

Mini Mullet

Now THIS is a WIGTABULOUS couple!

Kare Bear and Un Legend

Look who showed up.. the WIGNASONS


Thats right.. I wake up looking this WIGTASTIC every morning!!!!!!

Who says you can't WIG OUT in an AFRO at age 93??? not this Grandma!!!!!!!!!


I can't help myself..

I have to share MORE pics from CHA!!!!!!!!!!!
We just had SO MUCH fun...
Good times.. never to be forgotten
from our great weekend in Chicago!
Hoping to have NEW CREATIONS
to share very soon. I have been working every day
(and one BEACH day this week)
to help get the orders filled at Unity,
so there has been no time to stamp and scrap!
My sister, brother in law, brother and sister in law
are coming home to the lake today..
so it will be a mini family reuinion.
CAN'T WAIT to see my adorable family
and hang out with all of them for the weekend!!!!!!
cuz summer doesn't last long!!!!!!!!!
AJ & I goofing off as usual..
Just call me DIVA Brooke!
Painting the words up on the display wall.
Sister Divas.. AJ & Angela
The FUN girls! Jen , Angela, AJ & I
Shut up its true! The coolest girl I know.. JEN & I

Heidi Swapp and I. She is inspiration for me. love her stuff! Ali Edwards, AJ (her BFF) and I. She is so down to earth and sweet!
AJ, Angela, Lori Craig from Splitcoast, Jennifer and myself.
Lori- what a sweetie! She was so nice and fun to talk to!
My Girls Angela & AJ
At the Rusty Pickle booth they had a CHOCOLATE fountain.
Hello! I was in HEAVEN.
All dressed up for a night out on the town!


CAN I GET A HIP HOP!!??!!!!!??

Perspective of the BFF...
what an amazing experience!
it was such a JOY to be right there along side my friends
as they were bringing their dream to reality.
i am beyond blessed to be involved with their awesome company
and be along for the ride as this company grows.
Check out the UNITY BLOG for Angela's story. It's the best!
Words can't describe the GREAT time that we had.. from workin the booth,
to meeting the design team girls, oogling the celebs, chatting with other
companies, checking out the new product lines, laughing til our sides hurt,
making new friends, and promoting this company that we love and believe in,
it was truly wonderful and one of the best times ever!
More to come.. stay tuned!!!!

Setting it up and workin it out.. AJ, Angela, Kara, Me & Robyn

This guy IS kind of a big deal. Great job Chris with making the vision for the Unity Booth come together! and you look great in a tiara as well! :)

SISTERS? Yep. I think so. These chicks won me over in about one second and touched my heart forever. Love you girls!

Angela and my co-worker BRO (aka Broman or Ryan) It was great being the side kicks together buddy. You are a great friend and you are gonna be so successful!

DT girl Robyn and I.. this chick is so sweet.. hugs the instant we met. Knew I would love her!

My best friend and I. Can't thank her enough for letting me hop on board with her for the journey of making her dream come true. My inspiration and the person I look up to most.

The things I won't do for these peeps. I tell ya.. just put me to work. tell me what to do. and i will get it done for ya.. any time!!

Chris & Ang. They are going BIG TIME. I'm so proud of you for running with your dreams and making them happen.

Angela & AJ. Met her and instantly connected. (yes! you were right, Angela!)

We are friends for life.. so don't even TRY to break up with me.. or you'll be making your own coffee and ironing your own clothes forever.. :)


and............. we're OFF!

heading out to the windy city today.........
HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!
everything is ready.
preparations complete.
packing... check!
surely lots of cool stuff to show when we return!!!!!!!!!


Just Relax!

Here is a card I made this morning for the Limited Supply Challenge that Jeanne is hosting over on Splicoast Stampers. The theme was a 'Summer' feel.. with only 3 layers and limited embellishments.. I definitely knew that the BEACH would be what I wanted to base my card around. I like how it turned out.. the combo of bright colors and the beachy brown.. yummy! You can check out everyone's challenge creations HERE.

Stamps are BEACH DAY and sentiments by Unity Stamp Co.

Also.. here are some LAKE pictures from last Sunday at the cabin. What a beautiful day! Lots of swimming and RELAXATION with the family!


i know! i know!

I have been getting reprimanded left and right for not updating my blog in 5 days. sorry!!! eekk! my sister is freakin out. :) so here holly, i will try to change it up and add some stuff just for you!
First is a layout I did for
over on Splitcoast Stampers.
Christi posts them every Monday..
and they are always AWESOME!
so fun to play along!
Today I made this card for
Cindy's Card Sketch also over on Splitcoast.
It was a challenge..
I wanted to use stamps from the
brand new Kit of the Month from Unity
(called It's the Little Things..)
scroll down a post or two to see the kit!
I also wanted it to be *just right*
LOL! overall.. I'm happy with it.. turned out pretty good.