computer neglect..........

Sorry! I have not posted in a couple days...
but THIS is where i have been...
ENJOYING the great weather on the LAKE!
we finished up work on Thursday and
took the pontoon out for its maiden voyage of the summer season...
Yesterday was spent with Trever's family
at the PARADE where my kids collected tons of candy
and we all got some sunshine...
we grilled out and relaxed with a picnic..
checked out the flea market...
did the pony rides... mini donuts..
and slushies (AKA BRAIN FREEZE if you are brody)
spent the afternoon at chad & angie's pool laying in the sun
while all the little kids swam. had a few cocktails on the deck.
then wrapped up the night watching the fireworks.
guess who's camera batteries DIED out??
i know. its unbelievable..
you are thinking... why didn't she have a spare set??
well she did.. but they were dead as well...
SO... 4th of July photos will be coming my way
from all my friends and family
that were organized enough to have their cameras
in working order and took pics for me. :)

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Grammar Roses said...

Of course you have an extra set, and and extra charger. Wiggy, I'm disappointed in you.