I can't help myself..

I have to share MORE pics from CHA!!!!!!!!!!!
We just had SO MUCH fun...
Good times.. never to be forgotten
from our great weekend in Chicago!
Hoping to have NEW CREATIONS
to share very soon. I have been working every day
(and one BEACH day this week)
to help get the orders filled at Unity,
so there has been no time to stamp and scrap!
My sister, brother in law, brother and sister in law
are coming home to the lake today..
so it will be a mini family reuinion.
CAN'T WAIT to see my adorable family
and hang out with all of them for the weekend!!!!!!
cuz summer doesn't last long!!!!!!!!!
AJ & I goofing off as usual..
Just call me DIVA Brooke!
Painting the words up on the display wall.
Sister Divas.. AJ & Angela
The FUN girls! Jen , Angela, AJ & I
Shut up its true! The coolest girl I know.. JEN & I

Heidi Swapp and I. She is inspiration for me. love her stuff! Ali Edwards, AJ (her BFF) and I. She is so down to earth and sweet!
AJ, Angela, Lori Craig from Splitcoast, Jennifer and myself.
Lori- what a sweetie! She was so nice and fun to talk to!
My Girls Angela & AJ
At the Rusty Pickle booth they had a CHOCOLATE fountain.
Hello! I was in HEAVEN.
All dressed up for a night out on the town!


Jennifer Buck said...

So much fun! Hope you are doing well! It was awesome to finally meet you IRL. Have a good one! :)

AJ said...

OMG!! You are *such* a good photographer!!! ;)
love it!!

Kristine Bents said...

looks like a blast! What a gorgeous team Unity has!

Linsey said...

OK, Miss Diva Brooke, now I am totally jealous! A chocolate fountain?! shut up! Listen, who do I have to knock off in order to get to the next CHA with you?! j/k, but seriously--it looks like such an amazing time! Thanks so very much for sharing all these awesome pics--you chicas are so darn cute! :) hugs for a happy weekend, have a blast w/the fam!

Maria Levine said...

Awesome photos! TFS! Looks like you guys had a blast!!!

Scrapbook Mania said...

great pics! i can't believe you found one with my mouth closed! you guys rock. michelle

Scrapbook Mania said...

great pics brooke! i'm glad there is at least one with my mouth not wide open! you rock, michelle