SuNdAy StUff...

Random Specials are FUN!
Each Set only $10.00!
All PRE-Cut Un-Mounted Red Rubber on Cling Foam.
To be used with any acrylic handle.
Ready to use right out of the package!
No Shipping cause it is FREE over $20.00!
Remember to enter the COUPON CODE: SHIPFREE {all caps}
This Special Includes:
Beach Days & Sun Rays
Time for Travel
Little Buggers
Regular price for ALL of them $63.00
Don't forget to check out
the rest of the specials on the Unity Website Home Page.

Next up.. are a couple pics of the

ScrapOnizer Storage Solutions..

for your UNITY stamps!

They are AWESOME! You will love them!

HERE are the Snap Lock Cases. HERE are the Clear File Folders.

This is what I do with them..

This is one of the FOLDERS. I have my March kit on one side, and my April kit on the other side. I will be getting ONE folder FOR EACH Kit of the Month...this is just a start of my organizing plans for KOM. it is SO COOl that one kit fits perfectly in each folder.

This picture shows the SNAP LOCK CASES. You can put 3 FOLDERS inside the case for storage, or actually USE the case to store. (I got these BEFORE the folders were around.. so this is the 'old school' way of using the cases.)

What I do.. is leave the cases open flat and lay them in a drawer. Then I can stack them on top of each other. It is amazing how many stamps you can store in such a small space. This is just a very shallow drawer of a tiny dresser..

Right now i have 2 cases filled with stamps, laid open in the drawer, then 2 folders filled with my Kit of the Month stamps for Jan, Feb, March & April stacked on top. Its really easy to see everything and flip through them or take out the entire folder/case if I want to work with the whole kit.

Hope this gives more insight into the ScrapOnizer cases and folders! Thanks for stopping by!
Now GO SHOP @ the Unity Website and get yourself some NEW RUBBAH!!!! :)
Happy Sunday!

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