Good stuff.

I had myself a little giggle or two while working on this post...
A message popped up in my inbox telling me that
Angela had posted to her blog
soo.. I clicked over there to check it out..
and after reading
it was once again apparent to me why we
make great friends for each other...
she has a thing for losing computer mice
(or mouses or whatever the plural is)
I on the other hand never lose my mouse...
but have a problem with
just last week, I locked my ONLY truck key in said truck.
(I've only done it about 4 times in the past year.. ok.. so maybe that IS alot)
was rescued... lectured..
told to get more keys made..
yada yada yada
oh yes. yep. I will get right on that!
I cheerfully said to my annoyed husband...
but did I do it.. NOPE.
Lesson Learned.
I lost my keys.
Less than a week later..
to make a LONG story short..
Lucky for me they were
 IN the truck..
in my purse that I decided not to take with me.
{it was an honest mistake! honest!}

So.. Angela.. I won't ever give you the
because that would be downright hypocritical of me...

to your regularly scheduled
Make sure you hit up the
to watch the sale video
tons of fabulous happening!

Here is my latest project!
Adorable? Check Yes or No...
8X8 scrapbook page
featuring my darling niece
Ani Claire

 I used stamps from:
 Unforgettable Moments & Capture Life Scrapbooking Kits
{these kits available @ stores that carry Unity}

Thanks so much for stopping by!!
If you didn't see it yesterday..
Here is a
from the
October Kit of the Month!!!!!!

 Now go see sweet sweet
*** KIMBER ***

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jennifer mitten said...

Fabulous layout with a little cutie!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable and precious! Love your sweet page!

lisa a.

Karen said...

Goooorgeous LO!! Love the colors with that sweet pic!! (now I feel normal....about loosing thing....hehe!! Love your story!!)

JPScraps said...


Jessie said...

Gorgeous LO!

Jen E. said...

can i just mention again how much i love seeing your layouts!?!?! cute idea putting the "adorable" above the yes/no ticket. i am totally copying that one!

Christi Snow said...

I check "yes"...she is adorable and so is this layout! Like Jen, I am totally copying this...LOL! Fabulous idea and design!!! smiles...

StampinCathy said...

OMGOSH! This layout is amazing and Ani Claire is so cute. Love the colors and all the fun and inspiring stamps you used.

Candace H said...

Yes, quite adorable! And now I want both of those scrapping kits... Thanks for the inspriration!

NoraAnne said...

Gorgeous layout! and i love your story :) at least you can laugh at yourself!

Lacey said...

Great layout & I love those stamp sets you used! Awesome work.

Jacqueline said...

Adorable layout!! Love how many stamps you used!!

Erika M. said...

Darling layout!

Eva said...

Ok, your story made me laugh....so what are you doing today????? Making a duplicate key, right?? LOL

And your layout is FABULOUS...Ani is sooo cute and I love all the sets you used!

Lisa said...

Definitely adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Layout!! Your niece is so Adorable!!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHH! This LO is so cute:) Love that beautiful little gal!! Super cute way of using those stamps! FAB!

Kelly Landers said...

Hope you found your keys!! And what a cute baby and adorable layout!! Love it!! Miss you!!

Julie Campbell said...

Well... look at you! I love your page and I want to click a big "YES!"

Handmade Creations by Stephanie said...

Soo beautiful!!!I think we all as wives get the head shake I know I do.

Angie Blom said...

Just to sweet.. Beautiful layout Brooke!!

Brittney said...

Holy stamping, batman! Awesome layout

the whimsical butterfly said...

Your layout is heartwarming and GORGEOUS-as is your story heartwarming only bc since we moved to Nashville I have locked myself out of my house 3 times. All 3 times when my DH was traveling for work and thankfully my parents let me in b/c I gave them a key-but in my entire life in Chicago i NEVER locked myslef out-don't know what it is about this place LOL! Maybe it's that we have 4 kids now and are distracted mommy's? LOL love ya chickie-hope I get to see you soon!