Bag 'Em & Tag 'Em

Check this out!!
My nephew
shot this buck yesterday!
Supa cool!
He was pretty excited.
Planning on getting it mounted.
I told him the only thing that he messed up on
was getting his deer on the first day of the season.
He could have gotten out of school
for the whole weekif he hadn't gotten one
and had to keep hunting!
{Is he not the CUTEST thing ever??}
{and he's a GREAT kid too!}
I started dating my husband when Devon was
8 weeks old.. so I've been lucky enough to
be his AUNTIE for all these years.
He's pretty much right at the VERY TOP
of my favorite people list... :)

This is what the CHICKS do
while the guys are out talkin' smart,
reliving hunting stories
and cutting up deer {YUCK!}
Yep.. we'll be in the house..
having a glass of WINE thanks!

Amy, Angie & I

We also had a wonderful performance
by THIS little DIVA.. Sofia.. AKA.. BUGFIA
{if you ask her what her name is..
thats what she says}

She had the karaoke machine with the microphone hooked up,
standing on top of the coffee table shakin her booty
and belting out tunes for all of us to hear.
This kid is gonna be FAMOUS
and make me some MONEY one day.
A little performer to the core!
It was hysterical and all on video..
We have to get it on You Tube so I can post it here.

Kid Rock's All Summer Long

was one of the songs she was jammin out to..

had to play it!


Tiff said...

I am such a city girl...ROFL! I've never seen anything like this in my entire life!!! I can totally relate to the ladies wine night though ;) That little girl of yours is quite the cutie!

Lindsay Spencer said...

This is my kids and my favorite song right now. We jam to it after school in the truck.

So, when I seen the picture of the deer, I seriously could smell it. You know that nasty smell of deer blood? I can always smell deer blood when it first starts getting cold outside. Very cool for him. Do you have to watch those hunting videos too? I always think it's funny when the men get their deer and start crying!! LOL I tease my hubby about it all the time.

Jenn Balcer said...

don't you just *love* deer season? Good times, good times! I love to hear the stories they bring home! Very cool, Brooke!

Susan said...

Congrats Devon!! I'll have to show Scott the pictures. He's still looking for the perfect one to add to the wall of fame. I told him they'll be going elsewhere, NOT in my living room. One deer head is enough! Looks like the girlies were having fun too - woo hoo!

Linsey said...

wow, what a STUD!!! A buck on the first day, too! That is so cool! Now you ladies have the right idea!--right there with ya, hehe! Miss Bugfia is destined for stardom, fo shizzle--I mean, just look at that smile and those eyes!!! American Idol, look out! :) xoxo hugs and smiles, gf~