tis the season..

to be JOLLY.
and go see SANTA...
and have some COOKIES..
and make some CRAFTS!

last week we attended a little event hosted by
the school that Brody & Sofia go to...

Here's what they did... got MESSY and had a good time!
i'll be back tomorrow with some HIP HOP yumminess for ya!

have a wonderful wednesday!


Ashley said...

What cute pictures! Your kids are so beautiful!

Lindsay Spencer said...

Tis the season indeed! Fun mess's that someone else cleans up! Crafts are so fun with the kids at Christmas. Little Sophie sure is zoned in. How cute!

Karen said...

So fun!!! Sophia looks just as crafty as mama!!!

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

Too cute! Gotta love the messy crazy Christmas crafts! :)