Wow! that was SO FUN!
Thank you to everyone who shared their favorite birthday memories and gifts..
I had a great time reading all your stories!!!
It made my day that much better!
Thank you so much for your sweet wishes!!
When I got home from work,
my kids had cleaned the house
(the two older ones that are 7.5 and 9)..
the kitchen was spotless..
and a brand new KitchenAid mixer
was on the counter waiting for me!!

email me your shipping info to
and i'll get your stamps on their way!

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#5 Lisa F said...
Happy Birthday Brooke!My favorite memory was when I was 8, I got to take a group of boys and girls swimming. My birthday is in the summer, so we swam and had popsicles! I think we all got burnt, but we had a lot of fun!
#31 karen said...
Happy Birthday Brooke!My best gift ever... I love brand new white athletic socks. I've always said, someday I'll be rich enough that every day I can wear brand new socks. I always have a good day in brand new socks. My birthday is in the summer, as you know and my brother's is the day after Christmas. One year, I guess he had forgotten to give me a gift in the summer, so under the Christmas tree was a birthday gift for me. I opened it to find 2 packages of white crew length athletic socks. I looked at him a little confused and he said, "I just gave you 12 good days."Super.
#81 Tamara said...
Happy Birthday!!!My favourite birthday memory is from when I was turning 7 (or 8) and I had friends over from all around the nieghbourhood, and we sat out on the front step in our shorts and tank tops and enjoyed the super nice weather. I live in Saskatchewan, and my birthday is in March, so it is rare that I have really warm weather on my birthday.
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Lindsay Spencer said...

Yay for your KitchenAid! You better take some pictures of your first yummy goodness made with it.

NoraAnne said...

So glad you had a nice birthday :)

FibreJunky said...

You got your Kitchen Aid!!!!! I'm so happy for you! So sweet of your kids to clean the kitchen. Do you think they can teach mine? Happy birthday week, you youngun!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday, Brooke! Sorry I am late!! I am so glad you had a fabulous birthday, you sure deserve it!!


Malissa BC said...

Happy Belated Birthday!