JaN 2... one of my favorite days!

why you ask??
because 5 years ago..
entered my world...
by far my longest and hardest labor (12 hours)
and my biggest baby.. (9#2oz & 23 inches)
but definitely worth every minute of it!!
he is so hilarious and just as sweet.
this kid is always the one when i tuck into bed that says..
'hug and kiss mom!?'
aww.. I LOVE THIS BOY!!!!!!!!

i took the whole day off of work to hang out with MY BOY!
Brody just woke up and is leisurely watching cartoons
after getting 5 KISSES from his mommy.
we have lunch at PIZZA HUT planned with
his grandparents & some of the aunties & cousins
then a trip over to TARGET so he can pick out
whatever he wants..
perhaps some playing of TRANSFORMERS & BIONICLES
when we return home..
and maybe a MOVIE.
its going to be a GREAT day!



Wow! EXCITING things happening over @ UNITY STAMP CO.
LOTS of wonderful CHANGES for the BRAND NEW YEAR
2009 is going to be AMAZING for USC!

Angela just added a Scrapbooking Design Team
(see my side bar for links to their blogs & lovely work!)

The Wonderful and VERY Talented ladies
that make up this team are..
Jennifer Buck * Jen Erickson
* Chelsea Cook * Anne-Marie Teo
Lynn Ghahary * Renee' Morris- Dezember

WELCOME WELCOME to the brand new girls!!
WE are so LUCKY to have each of you!!


How much do you LOVE and ADORE
the January Kit of the Month??!
if you are ME... you like it. you like it ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!
{i even got to NAME IT!! yippee!!}

If you are not already a
(what?! i thought EvErYoNe WaS?!)
NOW is the perfect time to join
and get this FABULOUS kit!!

have a happy friday!!


Katie @ Paper Makeup said...

today is my hubby's bday too! :) I love your layouts as always and i'm lovin this kit of the month! I'm really hoping i can pull some things together and sign up this month! :)

Ashley said...

What a beautiful boy! Happy Birthday Brody!

Christi Snow said...

Happy Birthday, Brody!!! Such gorgeous layouts, Brooke! smiles...

Tracey said...

A very happy birthday to Brody! He is a cutie!!

Lindsay Spencer said...

Brooke, Brody IS darling. He's a cute little snuggly sweet heart. Well, he looks like it anyway! What a fun day you have planned for him. I hope he gets transformers, that's my most fav movie ever. Have fun and tell him Happy Birthday!

Tessa said...

Happy Birthday Brody! What a super cutie!!! Have a great day!!!

Lynn said...

Awwww Happy Birthday Brody! Sounds like you guys have an awesome day planned! ENJOY!

Karen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRODY!!! The 2nd is dd Megan's 26th!!(shhh.. makes me sound old!)Don't remember how long she was but she weighed 9#10.25oz!! We were up north for NewYears till today! Boy alot can happen in a few days! Lots of Unity art over at SCS gallery!! Lovin' it!!