the YUMMIEST caramel rolls ever!

This recipe is from my friend Danita.
These CARAMEL ROLLS are totally SINFUL!

You need:
Frozen cinnamon rolls or frozen bread rolls
two small packages or one large (24 rolls)
Brown Sugar-1 cup
Vanilla Ice Cream- 1 cup
Butter- 1 stick

Combine butter, ice cream & brown sugar
- bring to a boil for one minute
Pour sauce in greased 9X13 pan
Put rolls on top of sauce
Let raise until nice and poofy
(is that a word? LOL)
(this might be up to 3 hours)

Bake 20 minutes @ 350
Let cool for a few minutes.
Flip out onto a cookie sheet.
Grab a cup of coffee

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CharityHand said...

Holy Moly! That looks delicious. Must resist. My growing, out-of-control hiney does not deserve such decadence!