13 going on 30? more like 30 going on 13!!!!

THESE... ARE... MY... GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!
My best of the best friends.
That I can talk about anything with.
That have literally heard it all..
more than once.
That I love like sisters.
That know what being
a MOM and a wife is about.
The ones that are always there.
That laugh with me.
Cry with me.
Tell me they understand.
They know everything about me.
And guess what?
They still LOVE ME.
for ME.
with every imperfection
and annoying habit.
They forgive it all.
And these chicks.. they are F-U-N!
I have never laughed harder
than some of the times
that we have all been together.
We have countless inside jokes..
that only WE get.
and I love that.
These girls are beyond special to me
and I hope each and every one knows it.
I love them to pieces!
Thanks for the last
9 YEARS of friendship girlies..
and here's to COUNTLESS more!!
I Love ya...
*Dawn*Lynette*Steph*Susan So last night we had a MOMTIME
sleepover slumber party
at Angela's hunting cabin.
I sooo wish I had a group pic of all the girls..
{we MISSED YOU Chas & Susie Q}
but we didn't get one of all of us...
just Ang and I hammin it up..
but it was a fabulous night of
junk food and long island ice teas
stories and laughter.
one of the best times
shared with friends.
so here's to being 13 again
to staying up late giggling
and acting silly.



Christi Snow said...

You girls have such a fun group of friends. It looks like you had a blast! smiles...

Ashley said...

Awww, you guys are SOOO cute! I hope my mom's group stays together for that long!

Susan said...

I agree with everything you wrote. Love all the girls and love you right back! Smooches! :)

AJ said...

HOW FUN!!!!!! yea for you guys!

Angela said...

I {heart} this post! It made me feel so happy! Love that song, loved that evening, love EVERY moment that we all spend together, LOVE LIFE thanks to my friends it is that much sweeter! HOORAY!