Do I Need A Cleaning Lady????


do not continue if you..
do not want to see what i discovered
when i decided to lift up my couch cushions
to vacuum there....

Here is the LIST.
{this is the TRUE stuff that was found..
not made up at all..
see photos if you do not buy it}

1 pink necklace
1 pair sunglasses
1 clothespin
1 sippy cup cover
2 socks
1 string cheese wrapper
12 duplos
1 what is it?
1 magnetic cow
5 pokemon cards
2 uno cards
1 pink comb
8 hair clips
1 small hippo
1 green spoon
1 nail file
17 bobby pins
43 smashed goldfish crackers
4 writing utensils
1 barbie dog
1 straw
1 battery
1 domino
2 granola bar wrappers
4 pieces unchewed gum
1 bracelet
1 quarter
1 minature pig

FYI. they are spotlessly clean now.


Karen said...

Only one quarter!!! LOL I remember the days!! What a good feeling to have clean 'under-cushions'.

Anonymous said...

B- That is hillarious! My favorite is "one small hippo".

scrappycandy said...

That would make an interesting RAK! I wonder what I have?......LOL!

Ravengirl said...

Too funny! I don't even want to know what is under my couch cushions. You know the saying "Ignorance is bliss"!!!

Susan said...

Surprised you haven't lost a kid in there - LOL!

Lindsay Spencer said...

Sounds like you have a princess in the house! I love that you shared this, it makes me feel better about my own couch.

Katie @ Paper Makeup said...

hahahahahahaha - you crack me up!!!! I'm not sure i'd find all the fun girly stuff in my couch... except for the bobbi pins. I'm sure i have a lot of those. :)

Michelle (aka mybelle101) said...

too funny!! I'm with you on the '43 smashed Goldfish crackers'...I'd probably have to add about 100 Cheerios and some Matchbox cars to that list, though (and no girlie/princess stuff here, since I only have 2 boys!)

Latisha said...

oh the joys of being a Mom :)
I remember the days of smashed goldfish crackers everywhere, the car was the worst lol Its nice to give your vacuum cleaner a workout every once in a while. :)

Jessica said...

that is just too cute and funny, Brooke! :)

Maria Jesus said...

lol, few months ago we've moved to another house and i found many things lol


Tiff said...

You crack me up!!!!! God knows what's lurking underneath my couch cushions!

Ryann said...

LOL - that is so funny!

Robynccgirl said...

Too funny Brooke! I got a peek under my couch the other day when I was looking for the remote but I quickly put the cushion back, pretending I didn't see anything! I will have to get to mine soon and compare my list to yours!

Amy said...

ok that's hilarious...It's almost like Christmas under there! My 10 year old thinks the trash can is in between the couch cushions and so Cocoa is constantly trying to eat the couch. I feel your pain. I'm also purple with envy over your blog design...yes purple...I'm on Veronica's list..I can't wait...
thanks for stopping by and for the flooove...I meant to put the 'f' there..now this is so long you probably think I'm a stalker
ok too much coffee

Jennifer Buck said...

LOL! This is what makes me thankful for sewn on cushions...it'a all one piece! ...of course if you looked UNDER the couch...there would be problems! :) Hope you are doing well! :)