I KNOW!!!!

i'm so boring!!!
i'm so LAME!!!
my blog post is exactly the SAME!!

i know this.
i will change it soon.
and i will get a brand new tune.

i will stamp.
and i will scrap.
you won't have to see the same old crap.

i am going to the store.
i need supplies.
yes i need more!

i'll be back soon.
so please don't fret.
my creativity is not used up..



Kristine Bents said...

very cute Brooke! Your creativity is definetly not used up if you can create sweet poems like these! ;)

Jen E. said...

hey dr. seuss, i enjoy you! :)

Mr. Brilliant said...

I think this is my first and last comment on you blog. well, i say true. I impressed with your profile more than your posts..