SuNsHiNe SuNdAy!!!

It was a sunny Sunday...
here's the lowdown on what we were up to all weekend....

Bonfire fun with our neighbors Duane & Michelle and Chad & Angie...
no photos.. but the weather was perfect,
the kids had a blast playing night games
and the adults had some great conversation and a lot of laughs..

Caden got to hang with his cousin Dayton all day long...
Chloe and I hit the mall for some new clothes
and then picked up groceries for the week...
I spent much of the evening enjoying my book... Breaking Dawn... 4th in the Twilight series... once again a GREAT read.. hoping to finish it up tonight!

Church this morning.. Chloe received a Bible today, then we got to have a pizza lunch and a workshop that taught the kids how to use the Bible. Angie, Dayton, Grandpa Mike & Grandma Paulette were there, but we didn't get any pictures as Chloe was having NONE of that and refused to be in even one photo. I did give the speech about how she will regret it when she is older!! :) After church, we headed over to Mike & Hilleri's for the baby girl's birthday party!
My little nieces Shelby and Emma turn one this week.
They are both too cute!!!!

Shelby Morgan

Turned ONE on 9/28

Emma Darlene

Turns ONE on 10/2

{Mike & Hill have trees in their yard
so we were all collecting apples for crisp and pie..
of course the kids each needed one to eat!}

Caden Nicholas- Age 7 Brody William- Age 4
Hailie Mae- Age 4 Austin Elliott- Age 3
Dalton Gary- Age 1-1/2

Shelby Morgan- Age 1

Also.. I want to sent out
to my cousin Peder and his wife, Hanh
who got married this weekend!!!!


Lynn said...

Brooke- I've been meaning to tell you that I LOVE the new blog layout and design! It's really COOL!! So trendy and hip! {HOP} I had to type it. Sorry. And... the kids are ADORABLE too!

Linsey said...

Just wannna gobble these cuties up!!! You know, I love to see every darn thing you create with paper, stamps and ink---but what I truly ADORE is seeing the glimpses into your beautiful world. These babies simply melt my heart every time and your photos and words exude pure love. It's very special and I really appreciate it. :)