welcome to wednesday

Today you get to see some of the
400 pics
{thats NOT excessive, right?!}
I took of my kids on Sunday.
After church we went down to the corner lot by our house.
This is the BEST place for a photo shoot.
I just let them run and play while I follow behind
with the camera snapping pics like a wild woman. :)
I got some great shots. I was a happy camper!!



Christi Snow said...

LOOK at your gorgeous little kiddies...so darling, Brooke! AND OMG! I absolutely ADORE the new design of your blog...this is AWESOME!!! I NEED a stamp like the owl/swirl in your signature...so cool! smiles!

Linsey said...

Oh my heavens to betsy!!! These photos are spectacular, girl! You are a really great photographer, you know tha! OMGosh, your kids are the most adorable things--ever wanna get rid of one or two, I'll take 'em, hehe! :) What a gorgeous setting, too! Amazing-these are gonna make some outstanding layouts! And I {heart} your new blog design! It's super hoot-i-ful, hahaha! :) hugs and smiles for a wacky wednesday yourself! ;)

Harley Dee said...

All I'm gonna say is, you have the cutest kids ever :D

Brooke said...

Thanks Girls!! You are all sooo sweet!!! I love my kids and my blog.. glad you like them too! ;)

Lori said...

Simply adorable!!! You have a wonderful talent for taking great pictures! What a fun day for all of you!

Ryann said...

Blog is so cute and the kids...even CUTER!

Susan said...

Fab pics! :) You already know that I think your kids are the bomb so I don't even need to tell you that. Smooches!

Susan said...

BTW - I stalk you but it doesn't show up under your followers - LOL! Weird.

Brooke said...

oh thats so wierd!!! hmm... i don't know how to fix it!!!

Lindsay Spencer said...

Cute pictures Brooke, you're kids are daling.