rain, rain go away.. WAIT. you can stay...just for the weekend.

and normally I am NOT a fan of rain
{like this morning for instance,
when I had to RUN in to church
and try not to look like a drowned rat!!}
BUT other than that..
it was wonderful!!!
I snuggled up on my couch the whole weekend..
with a cup of coffee.. my favorite quilt..
Third in the Twilight series.
Just as GREAT as the first two! Friday evening..
our neighbors and WONDERFUL FRIENDS
invited us over for a bonfire.
One of my other very favorite things about fall... bonfires!
Trever was busy finishing up chopping silage..
poor guy put in a 20 hour day!! YUCK!
so just the kids and I went over.. and we all had a BLAST.
Got to hang with the Rogers, Andersons, Magnusons and Ridls..
Beautiful night... great company... simply RELAXING.
Hotdogs and brats roasting over the fire..
Lynette's taco salad... Bethany's cookies and bars...
dill pickle chips... a beer and I was good to go for the night! Sofia and Maggie were so cute playing together.
The two littlest of the gang.. and I do mean GANG.
There were at least 20 kids there.
They had a great time jumping on the tramp,
playing night games and collecting critters from the pond.

Here's MY GIRLS... Lynette, Bethany {Phoebe} , Me and Angela

Sofia and Maggie trying to get this cat down from the trailer...


I also got some HAPPY MAIL. I received a package.. was not expecting one.. and was so pleasantly surprised at what it contained... but thats news for another day... I need a little photo shoot before I can post it. Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!


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