Weekend Update!!!

Its that time again... WEEKEND UPDATE!!!
Here are all the details of how I spent my weekend.
First up.. since we need some fun stuff to look at...
Here are the kiddos.. ready to get on the bus..
not actually the FIRST day for all..
but at least this was taken during the first WEEK. :)
They all love school and I am so glad to be back in a routine!!

Friday night was spent at Angela's parents HUNTING CABIN.. way out in the woods... with a BONFIRE.. and some of my favorite UNITY PEEPS and great friends. We enjoyed the crisp fall air.. looked at the stars.. talked smart and best of all.. LAUGHED. A LOT. it was great!

Saturday.. i read a book. yep. thats it. read 500+ pages. could NOT put it down until i was done.. i'm going crazy waiting for Eryn to finish the sequel so i can get my hands on it. i'm now convinced i want my OWN VAMPIRE BOYFRIEND. Edward stole my heart!!! The book is TWILIGHT by Stephenie Meyer. you need to check it out. and if you don't like reading.. the movie is coming to theaters Dec. 12. better believe that i'll have a front row seat for that!!!

Today... first day of Sunday school for the kiddos.. we stayed after for a fish fry and carnival games.. it was FUN! rest of the day was spent relaxing at home.. i've been catching up on laundry. trever grilled us pork chops for dinner. the kids are playing outside. great day!!!

And.. i did a bit {just a tiny bit} of blog hopping.. and came across this on Karen's blog..from Prevention magazine.. i love it! this is definitely getting printed and put where i can see it daily. great things to remember!

IT'S OKAY to be who you are. You only need to compete with yourself to improve
and become a better person.

TREAT yourself with care: You are your best friend.

THROW away resentments you hold for others and laugh more often.

TOUCH others by being a good listener and appreciating their thoughts and

SAY no to risky behavior.

FORGIVE yourself for not being perfect.

EAT well, exercise, and take your vitamins. Your body is you temple.

REALIZE how much your family loves you.

REGULARLY re-evaluate your life to keep a clear focus on where you are going.

REMEMBER to appreciate nature, look for what is new each and every day, and hold
the Earth and its people close to your heart.

Life is precious, and we need to treasure it as a rare jewel. Our experiences
can help polish off rough spots and make our lives shine. What you make of your
life is up to you.



Karen said...

I just had to share this and am so glad you liked it too!! The only one I question is the 'SAY NO to risky behavior!' Hummmm.?? LOL

Angela said...

Amen, Sista!

Jens Place in Space said...

I just love your blog!!! My husband and I met in Willmar and got married there. Small world. I live in Colorado now for the last 3 years but I went to school there for photography. and you do awesome work!

Susan said...

Love the list! Great pictures of the kids. :)

Mandy said...

Yeah, I'm on book 3, Eclipse. And I just started the series a week ago. SO ADDICTIVE, isn't it?? Anyway, glad you told me December 12 is the date the movie comes out. I will need to mark the calendar. ;)

Brooke said...

i checked out the movie trailer again yesterday... and it looks like TWILIGHT will be in theaters.. NOVEMBER 21!! they changed the date!