Its FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

i have nothing super exciting to report.
its friday and i'm enjoying a glass
{i mean a bottle} of wine.
wrapped up a busy week and my house is trashed.
looks like saturday will be a day of
cleaning and laundry!
and perhaps a quick trip to the mall...
totally enjoyed last night..
chatted.. laughed.. and ate way too much.
good stuff.
looking forward to sunday...
chloe gets a bible at church
and my 2 little neices
Shelby & Emma both turn 1
and we will be celebrating their birthdays.
what are YOU up to for the weekend???
whatever it is i hope you
RELAX and ENJOY yourself!!
thanks for stoppin by....
new creations will be up soon!!

1 comment:

Linsey said...

....."and my house is trashed"...hahahaha, you crack me up, girl! Hey, wine first, cleaning later. ;) Just wanted to say hey and you're amazin'! hugs~