awww.. crap.. i got fooled.

So here I was... not 15 minutes ago.. kids in bed.. checkin my email on my SAWEEET new computer that just arrived yesterday....thinking that i'm so cool for not getting fooled on this april 1st... and I get this email from my brother in law who happens to have bought the same computer for my sister.... it reads..

Hi Sissy…
Did you get the e-mail on the big recall?
I received it from Dell today saying that any Dell XPS purchased between December 1st, 2007 and the present have some type of major memory malfunction.
Supposedly, within the first few weeks / months of use… There is some type of memory chip that erases itself / hard drive when it reaches a certain measurement of memory.
I am on hold right now with customer service waiting to find out the details. Just curious if they informed you yet?

And so I respond with this..

no way!!!! that is ridiculous. i haven't heard a thing.. keep me posted as to what you find out.. thanks, sissy

To which He responds...


And I come back with this...

you little (bleeep). haha.. that is terrible. i thought i made it through the day without getting tricked. i should have known. but i'm way too gullible. don't worry.. i don't get mad.. i just get even.

And then to top it off.. he says this..

Okay, but I went easy on you... I could have played it out, and had you call India to sit on hold for 30 minutes before reaching a real person, whom I would have contacted beforehand and had them play along for at least an hour before yelling "APRIL FOOLS"
I'm waiting for Holly to get off work so I can try my bigger "April Fools" story that I have had brewing all day. Hopes she's as gullible as her sissy!

OOOOOHHHHH!! my poor little sister..

I don't know what this stinker has in store for her... ;)



Anonymous said...

Sooooo funny sissy! CT got you, and he is good. But he didn't get me,Im way to clever for his sneaky ways. Ive had lots of practice.

Karen said...

He got you good.

Susan said...

That is hilarious!! I love it! Making a mental note to watch out for CT when I meet him - LOL!

angie said...

Congrats on the awesome new computer! I love it! That was a great April Fools joke that CT played!
Keep having fun with your new computer, I'm lovin all the great songs!!!

Lori said...

Hello, I love the pages of your precious daughter, such sweet music!
I laughed till tears at your April fools joke, OMG you make me wish I had siblings to do this kind of stuff with. How fun, enjoy your computer and I am glad it was just a fools prank so you can contiune to post such inspiring things on your blog!!!
Did you finish your bathroom remodel, luv that stuff too just looking to see the finished space. I too have a out house border in one of our bathrooms but mine is different from your old one. I think I got mine at Sherwin in Willmar.
Anyhoo, keep up the fun postings and the great tunes!!! BON JOVI is a fav of mine too! Saw them in concert in Hawaii 3rd row...simply awesome!