31 YEARS AGO... A LEGEND was born.. and not just any legend...

(the kid from Leland... )

Today I would like to pay tribute to one of my very favorite Brother In Laws

(I have to be careful about playing favorites.. there are 5 more)

A little bit about the birthday boy..

He enjoys golf, erosion control, Moe's

and spending long afternoons trying on wigs at Mearle Norman..

So here's to you birthday boy.. have the best birthday ever..

And remember, when you play April Fool's tricks on me..

I never get mad, I just get even.

Love, your favorite Sissy. :)


Anonymous said...

Beanie, you are pure evil! But this is eggstremely hillarious. I especially love the song...where did you find it??

Brooke said...

ahhhahhaha (evil laugh) i found it on project playlist

Karen said...

He looks wigstremely handsome in the Trumpet wig. Happy Birthday Un Legend.

merileo said...

Love the great pics of CT!! We wish you a very happy birthday, CT!! Will have to find you some more super wigs!!

Anonymous said...

You look a little bit like Dafney from Scooby Doo!!

Happy Birthday Un Legend!!

from N,J,J,M