SwEeT BaBy GiRl...

Who doesn't love FREE STUFF!!??? Go over to Unity Stamp Company's Blog....
Take a peek, leave a comment and qualify to WIN!

Winner will get handle {b} and a stamp set to got with it!
One little catch: You will need to write a review on your blog to share your insightful thoughts the week of release in May!
Another must.. to see some amazing projects created with this stamp set..
check out Wendy's blog http://www.justwen.blogspot.com/

This is my 8 year old big girl, Chloe, when she was just born.. unbelievable how fast that time went.. but she knows that she will always be my BABY GIRL no matter how old she gets.. ;)

Stamp Set.. SwEeT BaBy GiRl by UNITY STAMP CO.


Unity Stamp Company said...

YOU HAVE BEEN TAGGED, CHICK! Go to my blog at www.abitaboutabunch.blogspot.com and take a peek! FUN STUFF!

BTW this stuff is ADORABLE!

Susan said...

Hey Brookie! I tagged you too! Angela and I got tagged by the same person. I would have let you know yesterday but because of the stupid FAP (lol!), I barely have service. GRRRRR!!!! Check it out on my blog. Later!

Susan said...

By the way - ADORABLE stuff here with Chloe on it - they grow up so fast!