ChOcoLaTe CoVeReD MoNdAy

what do you get
when you leave
a 2 year old
and a bowl of
chocolate ice cream
alone together??

THIS!! Hilarious!
I love this kid.
she is too funny!

It looks like the weather may be shaping up.. the sun is shining.. and it is supposed to start warming up (its still only 28 right now.. brrrr)

Looking forward to my baby sis coming home this weekend! Can't wait to hang out with the whole family. And we have Ben & Nikki's wedding. Its gonna be awesome. Party Time count down begins TODAY!

Here are a couple cards I did last night.
Using stamps from Unity's Hoppy Easter set.
This is an adorable little set.

Speaking of stamps...
You can still win Flower Parade... so go check out the USC website!http://theunitystampco.blogspot.com/

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