ok this is getting ridiculous!! I need some spring. sun. summer?? please??
all we have here is freezing cold and SNOW. its only 29 dang degrees here today!!!! thats just wrong! I know I am a misplaced soul. I belong on the beach. ANY beach. Anywhere its 70 or above. :)

Next topic. I will have to hit the mall today
to find something to wear for my friend Nikki's shower/bachelorette party tonite..
It's a black and white theme.. and the adorable little polka dot halter top
is just not gonna work at this point..
I think I need a sweater.
or a turtle neck. and a scarf. and a jacket.

Next topic. Do you want a FREE SUPER COOL STAMP SET??
I know you do!
You can win FLOWER PARADE from Unity Stamp Co...
1 kit within theUNITED STATES!
scoot on over to their blog and check out the details...

I made myself feel better by scrapping

pictures of my kids at the beach. Enjoy!!!

Little flip flop book from Target dollar spot.

Beach Day stamp set from Unity Stamp Co.
Quote- 'the voice of the sea speaks to the soul..' Kate Chopin

Quote- 'play me a beach and run me a shore; shovel me sandcastles; splash me some more; here little shells come fill up my hand. i'll hold you so gentle while we play in the sand.' -unknown Quote- 'live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air..' - ralph waldo emerson

Quote- 'nothing is planned by the sea and the sand' -pete townshend- the who


Hope where you are its SUNNY and warm.


Susan said...

Unfortunately I'm in the same area s you so I'm dreaming of the sun too. ADORABLE scrapbook ... gotta love the Target $1 spot! :)

Anonymous said...

Poor beansa..
You know you are welcome here anytime you want. 75-80 and sunny lately. Miss ya and can't wait to see ya and bring the sunshine with me!!! Before ya know it, it will be warm and sunny.

Brooke said...

Thanks Susan! i know. the $ spot rocks!

And Hip Hop... can't WAIT to see you.. i'm counting down.. I'll be expecting to find 75 and sunny in your suitcase. ;)