FINALLY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah!! Its FRIDAY!! WHOOO HOOO!!

and best of all I didn't have to go work today..

and the kids didn't have to go to school today..

so we get to stay home and PLAY ALL DAY!!

Because of this SNOWSTORM that took place last night.

There is nobody that is more ready for spring than this chick..

but I'll take one more snow day to relax and hang out...

We've already had a morning DANCE PARTY

while picking out some tunes for today's post.

Its gonna be a funkadelic mix of lots of stuff today..

whatever I decide is blog worthy for this FUN FRIDAY....


Christi Snow said...

Now that's just wrong for this late in April, but a snowday is fun! Have a good time with your free day today! smiles...

AJ said...

HOLY Cow!!! It's going to be in the mid 60's here, and 70 tomorrow!!
*yep* I am braggin'!!
lucky for you~ we don't even get that much snow in our "winter" months!!!
you all need to come on out to the west coast for a spring break! ;)

Susan said...

Isn't this snow crazy?! Scott was in the Cities and got home at 12:20 last night - driving super slow to get here. By the way - your recipe doesn't have nearly enough Vodka in it - LOL!!