2 year olds + Markers = Uh oh

So yeah.
This is what happens
when Mommy goes to the
(NO! i did not leave her home alone...
it was an ONLINE party..
she was just in the other room... )
and she found a BLUE MARKER.
I will say she has some nice artistic tendencies!
Maybe next we'll get her to try out her skills on PAPER.
There was nothing that could be done besides
grab the camera and start snapping pics... :)


Kristine said...

Too cute Brooke! I think every kid has to try out the tatoo look at some popint before they turn 4 or so :)

Heather said...

OMG my son does that everyday, it drives me insane!!!

Anonymous said...

Too cute Beanie!!

Jennifer Buck said...

That's a riot! At least you will get an awesome scrapbook page out of that! :)

Linsey said...

ROTFLMAO!! That is the cutest thing I've ever seen! She certainly takes after her Mommy, doesn't she--very artistic girl! That is just making me giggle-thanks for taking these pics-how fun and adorable! That'll teach ya to go to an online party in the other room, lol! :)

joslyn said...

so stinkin funny. gotta love kids.