I'm BACK in BLACK!!!!!

ok so three things
that correlate to this title...

#1. I created this KEWL black card
for our favorite babysitter KAREN.
She is graduating from high school TODAY.
So.. when Karen was a baby..
guess who was HER sitter??
yep.. yours truly. ME.
we share the same birthday
and she was almost named
Brooks when she was born.
how weird is that??
this girl is a DOLL
and like a little sister to me.
I am so proud of her.
she is just exactly the kind of person
you would want your child to turn out to be.
Her parents did wonderful,
because she is the most well rounded
adorable girl EVER!
I'm hoping that all her fabulous traits,
morals and values rub off onto MY kids.
She is the best role model for them.
Anyways... can you tell i just LOVE her???? :)

#2. While CLEANING and ORGANIZING my scrapbook room
(and putting up a new table with my sewing machine on it..
so it can be set up all the time!!!!)
I came across one of my FAVORITE cd's
that i totally forgot i had...
I ran that puppy right down to my truck
so i would have it ready for my next drive. :)
Love AC/DC. dang they are the best.

#3. These pics.. (BLACK and white.. )
that I took of myself for a bit of an update where I need pics..
I took about a MILLION....
and came up with... um.. 5 that turned out decent!! LOL oh well..

Also.. just need to mention that we had a BLAST last night
with our friends at Chris & Sara's outdoor concert/bonfire.
So fun to hang out and RELAX with the best friends ever!
I'll have to snag some pics from Susan
(who is always prepared with her camera!! )
Edited... Here is a pic of me and Susie Q from last nite.
Good Times and tons of laughs. :)

We are off to Karen's Grad party here soon...

Hoping to get CRAFTY (in my CLEAN sb room)

and make some GROOVY new creations this week!!



Susan said...

Awesome profile pics and adorable card for Karen! And to think ... the table was destined for that burn pile!!!

Brooke said...

thanks!!! :)
haha.. YOUR trash... MY treasure!

AJ said...

cute card girlie. and love your pics....someday I will get a new one!

Christi Snow said...

Love the card and the pics...so cute!! I think that I need to live someplace where we have regular bonfires...you all look like you have so much fun! smiles...

Brooke said...

bonfires are the best! just everyone hangin out chatting and relaxing. you are welcome to join us any time!!! road trip!! :)

Linsey said...

You two are sooo stinkin' adorable, it's sickening! :) j/k! You're really gorgeous and I love seeing pics like this from fun gatherings, tfs!!!

Brooke said...

thanks for droppin in linsey! :)