HOLA. It's time for a
Here are some pics from the week...
Lots of FUN stuff going on...
spending as much time
as possible at the BEACH!
Hope you have a FABULOUS FRIDAY
This is a sample of what my garden looks like right now.. everything is starting to bloom. Its so gorgeous. I finally got my little garden exactly how i like it.. only took me 2 years of moving, transplanting and changing before things started cooperating. One of my very favorite things about SUMMER is the flowers! Beach Day @ Games Lake! We only got to stay for a couple hours.. but we basically had the place to ourselves... 4 of my girlfriends and their kids joined us. So fun to chat and RELAX in the sun!

What is up with this kid and BIRDS??! I swear he is the BIRD WHISPERER!! He can always get close to birds, hold them, they fly to him.. its just WIERD. We had the barn white washed yesterday and he saved these little swallows from an unknown fate... their nest was knocked down.. but he took care of them and put it back when the painting guys were gone. SO CUTE!

My Harley Guy! Steve and I went for a quick spin on his Harley the other night. Nothing better.. the wind blowing in your hair.. feelin FREE! Lil Sis... Ash and I (and Wesley her pup)
went on a GREAT 3 mile walk the other night.
The weather was gorgeous.. the trail perfect for walking... and the conversation..
well lets just say this is the kind of chit chat that can only take place between SISTERS. We can talk about ANYTHING. i mean anything. its awesome. I love this girl. So glad I got to see her grow up and help raise her and now she is one of my BEST FRIENDS.

Card I made this morning for Shannan's Inspirational Challenge in the Unity Forum over on Splitcoast Stampers.. If YOU want to play along... check it out HERE. Well... Thats IT. I'm OFF to PLAY for the rest of the day...Wide open... endless possibilities!!!


Jennifer Buck said...

How fun! Your pictures are amazing! Your garden is beautiful! and your card is ADORABLE! Love it! TFS! Hope you had a great weekend! :)

Linsey said...

Ooooh, what gorgeous shots of those blooms!! So perrrty! I love how you put up pics of all your good times on your blog! I almost feel like I was there for the fun! Almost--of course, it would be WAY better if I actually were!! I'm so jealous of you guys! I want to be in your cool girl click, hehe! ;)