yep thas jus my baby daddy

he's kooky.. and crazy.. and silly..
but he is my baby daddy!
happy fathers day trever!!!

Here's the card
I made him from the kids..


angela magnuson {mag-na-son} said...

OK...THAT is SERIOUSLY HISTERICAL! That's jus my baby daddy....it makes me giggle just writing it and now that I am on my way to laa laa land, I dare to think about what my dreams will be! It just STICKS in your head. You are so funny. Great post! Adorable card...so cleveer - Oh, talented one....

Jennifer Buck said...

Love the pictures...you guys are sooo adorable together! Your card is just the cutest! TFS :)

Linsey said...

LOL, you are too funnY! Your hubby is way more expressive than mine! You guys are so stinking adorable, it's sick! Just kidding, you're so cute and wonderful! :) I'm so happy to know you, I so love your blog! hugs!