BEACH DAY!!!!!!!!

I have our FIRST real BEACH DAY of the summer planned...
heading to one of the close by LAKES
for my kids to swim and enjoy the SUN...
and guess what??!!! The weather is actually cooperating.
I cannot even believe it!!!!!!!
I'm doing a little HAPPY DANCE over here!!!
We are packing up the sand toys. lunch. sunscreen. towels.
and all the other goodies we can drag with us...
a bunch of our FRIENDS will be there.
Its gonna be such a GREAT day!!! yippeee!
Since I have to WORSHIP the SUN all day..
(and take ALL 4 kids to the DENTIST.)
(and bake cookies and go to a PICNIC @ the PARK)
I will not be creating any fun scrappy stuff this morning...
SO... in its place are some CUTE photos from FATHER'S DAY.
We spent it at the cabin with my parents
and Nate & Jessi. (my brother & his wife...)
It was pretty cold that day... there was no swimming...
so we started up a LADDERBALL TOURNEY.
Everyone got really into it... SUPER FUN.
And a great family activity for all ages.
I also can now wish one of
It was yesterday... and I was sworn to SECRECY not to tell everyone.
So.. here it is a day late.. Happy Birthday AB!!
I hope you survive your hang over.. hehe
(some of his friends DID find out and took him out for the night..
I think there were a few shots involved... )
Me and only the CUTEST DAD EVER!!!! MY DAD!!
And the most handsome guy I know!Nate, Dad and I (we missed you HOLLY!!!!)
Caden takes time to pose for a picture...Trever and his baby girl Sofia...
And her funky outfit consisting of her little dress
and her brother's swim trunks...
whateva keeps the 2 yr old princess happy!!
Grandma and Chloe cheer in disbelief at their Ladderball Skills!! Clap and Cheer !! Do a little dance.
Oh yeah! We ROCK! Jessi concentrating... the score is tied up.. its a tense moment!
Like father. Like son. Like grandson.

Mr. Birthday Boy and I.. one of my best friends EVER!!!

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Jennifer Buck said...

I so love that you share this! How wonderful! Hope you had a wonderful day! TFS :)