A Little Birdie Told Me...

That TODAY is going to be
a FABULOUS day!!

Here in my cozy NEST...
**its sunny already.
**i've got my coffee...surfin the net!
**i'm hummin this tune.
**i'm going to work @ UNITY!
**i made this A-dorable little layout yesterday
for the Simple Scrapbooks Sketch challenge
over on Splitcoast...
check it out HERE and join in the fun!
**THE cutest little bird
is our guest designer and
joined us on the Unity DT for June...
LINSEY RICKETT is in the (bird) house!!
fly over to her BLOG and
check out all the AMAZING things that she makes.
So glad to have you with us, Linsey!
Off i go to play @ the stamp store....
(my kids are pumped cuz they get KAREN
for a sitter today.. AND Sawyer & Mason
will be here as well to hang out with them!!)

Bliss & a Birdie, Me, Myself & I stamp kits from Unity Stamp Co.


Christi Snow said...

Your post today is just making me happy! I LOVE this layout. I think that you had Angela add that little birdie to the line just because you knew that it would be perfect for this layout. ;o) smiles!

Brooke said...

thanks Christi! i'd like to think i'm that influential to have gotten her to add the bird just cuz I wanted it.. LOL... but sometimes she listens to me!! :)

Karen said...

great layout!! i need to do christi's challenge's! have fun at unity today.... i love the atmosphere there!

Karen said...

btw!! LOVE the green!!!very fresh!!

Brooke said...

thanks karen! yes i love it there too.. FUN place and its always great hangin with my BFF! ;)
i like the green as well... went with the vibe for today.

Lauren said...

Great layout - love the title and the journaling.

Linsey said...

Oh, Brooke-you sweet thang! Thanks so much for mentioning me and for the link-up...you like me, you really like me! hehe. I'm so envious of your reality checks--What'cha think the chances are that Angela and Chris might open a Unity store in the Seattle area?! You know you already have a list of gals begging to work there, lol! I would work for free rubbah-or even peanuts, haha!

You rocked this scrapbook page, wowza! I love the scalloped floral circles along the side and all the fun elements; What a darling pic! I can't believe that bird just sat right on his shoulder while you took a picture! Neat-O! He must be a gentle soul. What a sweetheart--your DS and YOU! ((hug))

Brooke said...

Lins.. you crack me up... of COURSE i like you.. i really like you.. ;)

thanks for the sweet compliments!!