PiX 4 U!!!

OnCe AgAiN iT's TiMe fOr PhOtO DaY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here they are...
lots of randoms from the past week or so...

Chloe with her calf Belle after the 4H show @ the County Fair
Caden with his calf Yasmine after the 4H show @ the County Fair
A few of the little cousins.. just hangin out!
Brody (4) Austin (almost3) Sofia (2) Caden (7) Hailie (4) Dalton (1)
Sofia's first time on a fair ride.. she was NOT that impressed!!

Brody shows off his ribbon after the open class show. His calf's name is PopTart.My nephew Devon... what a good sport.. he STILL lets us take a million pics of him!My nephew Dayton getting his calves all ready to show...
A couple of GREAT friends!!! Me, Karen and Angela

My honey... Trever.. actually SMILING on a photo??

Save this one for the archives!!!

It only took us about.. um.. 20 tries before we got a decent one!!!

Lil Sis.. Miss Ashley Marie and me

BFF!!! Love Ya Girl!!!

Ashley and Trever AKA {Poop Stain}.. Yeah.. don't even ask.. that one goes WAY BACK...

Ashley & Bro... One of these days Ryan might actually have his eyes OPEN on a picture....

Beach BABES... Sofia & Ashley kickin it to some tunes at the lake Snack break... Caden, Brody & Paige chow down
Check out those muscles!! and that 6 pack stomach.. what a stud!!


Karen said...

yeah! 20 sounds about right, but it's a good one(you and Trev)!! What a fun, busy weedend your family had....it's great that you and Trevor take time for each other and get out of the house!! Loved chatting with you and Angela, let's get together for another L.I.I.T.!!!

Heather said...

OMG I love getting the glimpes into your life, I still am amazed that you have cows and stuff, I don't picture you to be that kind of girl!! I love it... so can you milk a cow??

Brooke said...

LOL! i'm sure i could if i wanted to heather... but we have an agreement.. hubby takes care of cows.. i take care of kids.. and we all get along great! ;)