SuNnY SaTuRdAy

and it was spent.... doing LAUNDRY????
YUCK!!!! shut up! its TRUE.
thats what i did this lovely second day of august... :)
besides that, chloe and caden each created a posterboard
to enter in the county fair this coming week.
chloe learned all about CATS and had some
wonderful photos she took of her own cats and kittens.
caden learned all about the PAINTED TURTLE.
he found his very own earlier this summer
and also took some fabulous photos of his little turtle friend.
we did internet research {hooray for wikipedia!}
and i taught them how to take the information they found
and rewrite it in their own words, giving proper credit to the source. :)
watch out college.. here they come!
paper writing will be a breeze since they started at ages 7 & 8!!!

{photos to come later of them and their posters.. they are sleeping now!}
Here are 3 little cards i made last week
with some of the new release kits from Unity Stamp Company.
Check out their website to find Growing in Unity and Distressed Dots.

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