Here Comes Peter Cottontail... Hoppin Down the Bunny Trail...

hippity hoppity.. EASTER'S ON ITS WAY!

or it was here and now its gone... ;)
photos of our easter yesterday... we went to my parents for dinner... got to hang out with nate & jessi for the day. the food was... oh so YUMMY. of course i ate way too much. guess i will restart the spring diet. TODAY. :)

and speaking of hopping..
you can still hop on over to Unity Stamp Co.'s blog to WIN this adorable stamp set..
Scroll down to my previous post for some ideas of how this set can be used.

Miss Chloe's easter basket of goodies..

Caden collecting eggs

Brody in his new firetruck pajamas

Sofia clapping with excitement over her easter basket

This cheezy grin is my favorite. At some point..all of my kids have smiled like this for a period of time.. its the cutest!!

Getting all 4 to look at the same time.. impossible!

Little bro.. Nate & his sweet wife Jessi


Anonymous said...

so cute! wish I was there.

Brooke said...

we wish un legend & hip hop had been there too.. at least we'll see ya in about 3 weeks. good luck on the plane ticket. ouch. spendy.

The Kings of Lauderdale said...

Oh hello again! I thought I would make a special request for your prescence on Friday night at ONeils. I don't get out much, but am making the trip home for Jeff James with the girls. It would be fun to see you!