I went on a date today....

A date? some of you may be thinking.. but yes it's true. i was on a date with one of the cutest guys i know.. mr. caden lien...big 7 year old... :) what did we do on this date.. well let me give you the rundown of our day together...
we headed off to willmar around 10.. target was our first stop.. where caden spent a birthday gift card on some super treasures and i got a great deal on this cute 4 drawer scrapbook organizer...only $6. 32 thank you very much!
(it was kindof a pain to put together.. had about a million screws.. but i'm stubborn and i got it done even if it took me almost an hour)
then we saw lynette's suburban at good will so we stopped over there to see what she was doing for lunch.. but she was in the middle of a shopping frenzy and had also just had breakfast so we left and went to home depot to check out light fixtures for the bathroom. no luck. they were all too expensive.
so on to good old wallyworld. we hit the jackpot there.. filling our cart with things like a new mirror and light fixture for the bathroom, a bunch of cool stuff that caden spent his birthday money on, a few groceries, and a new betta fish. (the one we just got on thursday already kicked the bucket.. hopefully 'RUBY' hangs around for awhile) after checking out.. we went to subway for lunch and then next door to cost cutters where caden got a trim. he was quite impressed that you can do so many things right in the comfort of the walmart building.. he was like.. ',mom.. you can do everything here!' then the date had to come to an end..
and we headed home. what a great day with the most adorable guy ever!!
after i got home, i whipped up this birthday gift for lynette. it is a notebook.. glitzed up a bit.. she always has a notebook with her when she is shopping and running errands. she makes all kinds of lists, so this will be a perfect new notebook for her.


Unity Stamp Company said...

Love the book...Lynette is one lucky chic! You are so ultra talented, Ms Brooke Lien! Fun Stuff, great deals, nothing like a day of shopping to recover from the flu!

Brooke said...

thanks for your kind words my dear! and yes. shopping is one way to kick the sick blahs. :) can't wait to get my bathroom stuff all up so you can see it. i still haven't decided on art yet..i'll email you with my idea to see what you think..