secret mission... nc

my lil sis holly got the surprise of a life time when she opened the garage door and trever, kare bear and i were standing there... she had no clue we were coming and looked utterly confused for at least 2 minutes before recoginzing us.. at which point the jumping up and down and screaming started.. followed by the crying and then more screaming and jumping up and down. i think it worked. we got her. she swears this was one of the best days of her life... yay us. we pulled it off. considering everyone knew but her..
i can't believe nobody slipped up and let the cat out of the bag.

we went to blue water in wrightsville beach for dinner.


Susan said...

From Chloe: How was the trip there? Good to hear Auntie Holly was surprised. I miss you and Dad ALOT. Have fun!

From Susan: Woo hoo!!!!!! Glad the surprise worked - so cool. CT gets extra props for setting it up. ;) Looks like you're having fun - and have a great time at the party.

From Brea: Hi. LOL!

Brooke said...

to chloe: hi chloe! we miss you too. oddis & maggie say hi. they wish you were here to play with them and take them for a walk.

to brea: hi brea! make sure you are playing a lot of wii and keeping an eye on pooptails and rico for me.

to susan:yep. the surprise was great. everyone that came to the party last night knew about the surprise also. it was funny. every person that she introduced us to was like... i knew they were coming! :) the party last night was insane. details later. just woke up.

Anonymous said...

you kids get to have fun and i get to baby sit devon and the cows! what the heck?