thumbs up for shopping monday

what could be better than taking a whole day off for shopping? not much in my book. i love shopping. maybe a little too much according to my hubby. ;)

anywho.. what did make it better is that i took good ole spanky susan along for the ride. talk about cheap entertainment... my abs still hurt from how much we laughed... not sure what it is.. but i believe that the level of dorkiness that we both possess adds to the good time. one random comment and we are both a pile of giggles..

so the day started off with us heading off for st. cloud. luckily for me, susan asked when my conferences were for chloe.. now you might think that i would have remembered that it was at 3:00 on 3/3.. but no... not me.. it took the question to remind me that i even had a conference.. (one track mind... SHOPPING!)

we get to kohls.. clean up on the good deals.. i got a ton of stuff. next on to old navy. i wasn't overly impressed with my choices there.. but we did manage to spend the gift card that i've been hanging onto since xmas. next up was lunch. granite city. i love that place. this is where the inappropriate snickers and giggles really started. i think we were just punchy and needed food. but pretty much everything we said had us almost spitting out our lunch. it was ridiculous.
next we run over to party america to see if they had any good deals for caden's bday party. no such luck. i'm such a cheap skate that i thought everything was overpriced.. we decide that i should check at the dollar store. but i could not resist trying on this hat and at this point while trying to take a photo as i'm making faces.. susan comes very close to peeing her pants. we decide to leave the store before getting kicked out. (insert more laughter)

time for the mall. we take our own pic in the parking lot (couldn't have had the waitress do it at lunch.. right? whateva!) so then we march into the mall like we own the place.. saying how we should find a bathroom.. but do we?? of course not.. we head into victoria's secret. get measured up and drop a chunk of change on some slammin new undergarments. then we decide a trip to the bathroom is emminent. so after that we hit a few stores and decide that we ate too much at lunch and we have lost the fever for hunting down a deal. we leave. i drop her off.. and roll into those conferences like i planned to go all along. they never even knew i forgot.. sweet!

that pretty much sums up shopping monday. definitely a great day.

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Susan said...

As always, it was a good time - LOL! Thanks chickie!