who likes school pictures anyways???

well. i just got myself a great reason to have a photo shoot with my two oldest children. guess who's mama forgot that TODAY was PICTURE day at school??? yep. you guessed it. MOI.
so... anyone who is vying for the 'Mother of the Year' title.. well.. it is now up for grabs!!! i'm OUT. They both looked utterly unkempt and pretty much looked like a 7 or 8 year old got them ready for school.. which was exactly what happened. i don't fix hair and pick out special clothes on a daily basis. those things just don't matter in the big scheme of life.. if they are clean and happy.. i do not care about the clothes or hair.. unless... its picture day. then of course i would make the effort to primp and spruce them up a bit. i guess this year they will be captured 'as is' in the yearbook. :)

and since we need something to look at along with my mindless chatter... here is sofia and her pink cast. long story short... her grandparents were watching her.. didn't get the side rail on the crib latched.. she fell out on to the hardwood floor.. fractured her leg right under the knee.. and now has been sporting a pretty pink cast for 2 weeks. it doesn't bother her in the least.. she walks around like nothing happened. she is also all about the 'mames' that people have been signing on her pink leg.


Susan said...

Well Brea decided she just wanted a ponytail. She definitely went "as is!"

Karen said...

Conferences, schools pics, LOL, don't forget Sofia!!!! It's great that your kids will grow up being very flexable. Whateva!;)