we found NEMO!

Today Brody & I headed to the Target Center with a group of friends from school and watched Disney on Ice.. Finding Nemo! The show was fun! .. amazing costumes. fabulous sets. great ice skating. and a super rendition of the story. It was hard to get a decent photo.. we were far enough away that the camera didn't cooperate in the dark.. and the skaters were moving at all times.. so that made it a lot more difficult to come up with any good pics


This was the high'light' of the day for Brody.. but not for me.. this 'Crush' spinning turtle light put me out $20!! ouch!! i would never dream of paying that much for a toy normally.. but what do you do?? i don't want him to be in therapy the rest of his life cuz his mother was too cheap to get him a souviner... so.. i'm over it. :)


Karen said...

Hey lady, the look on that precious face(Brody not you) is.......priceless!!! Sooooo worth the $20!!!! Cherish the memories!!

Susan said...

We wanted to go see that too. It looks like it was a good time. Great pic of Brody with the spinner. :)