Startin the day... the BIRTHDAY WAY!!

Hip Hip Horaay....

Caden is 7 today!!!!!!!

He started off his day with the traditional homemade birthday crown and placemat. Our family has been doing this for years. My mom would make a crown and placemat for each of our birthdays when we were growing up. I think I still got them as a joke a couple times in my 20's.. thanks mom for starting such a fun tradition. My kids look forward to them each time one of them celebrates. Caden also was presented with a stack of 7 pancakes.. complete with syrup, sprinkles and 7 candles.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Caden!! I wish I could be there to eat a bite of your special pancakes, and be with you on your a happy day. Love you. Auntie

Susan said...

Happy Birthday Caden! I know this is a day late, but I thought I might have seen you yesterday at school. Then I forgot when I saw you this morning! Have fun at your party. :)